Sunday, 5 February 2012


Well, off me and dh went on Friday to our caravan down near Dumfries - baltic weather but got all cosyed in and got the phone call......turns out eldest dd had a dizzy turn on getting up from the sofa and crumbled on to one leg.....managed to phone my son-and-heir who took her up to hospital as her ankle was agony and swelled up immediatly - after 5 hours turns out she has fractured just above her ankle AND fractured at the top near her knee!
It was too late too come home on Friday night when we got the news so she was taken back to our house with a temporary cast on (up past her knee). We woke up Sat morning to a snow blizzard and werent going anywhere! Dreadful weather and because its a high road home we kept in touch but decided to stay where we were.
So woke up this morning to nice crisp snow and managed to get back - by the time we had got over the hills back to Edinburh there wasnt a scrap of snow!
So I am now back - shes in a lot of pain - has to go back on Friday am to see about getting a proper cast on - so looks like I will have a house guest for a while! Shes at Edinburgh uni so is going to phone them tomorrow and tell them whats happened. As shes disabled she had a lot of things sorted out already - they know she could miss lectures and tuturials because of her back pain but hopefully they can help her not to miss out on too much.
Never rains but it pours!


  1. Oh no! I hope she's not in too much pain. :( Bit of a disaster as you say. Probably a good thing you didn't drive back though - icy roads are so treacherous. Get well soon to your DD!

  2. Oh i feel her pain, my dd has just had her cast removed and is waiting for physio to get her ankle moving again.You dont realise until you have someone in a leg cast how difficult normal tasks,For the first few weeks the pressure on her hands will be hard so cycling clothes with gel pads are really good.It will be a bit easier when she gets the full cast on rather than the one she has on now ( a bit lighter.)
    Hope you are all ok

  3. So sorry to hear your news. I hope she isn't in too much pain.

    X x

  4. Sorry. I hope she heals quickly.