Friday, 4 January 2013

First really frugal day of 2013

I am on a mission! About to do a total inventory of what I have in my cuboards/freezers and see what meals I can come up with... Have made up a houshold notebook (re-cycled one of my dds arch lever files - was actually going to buy a new one for this project but stopped myself!) I have downloaded a wonderful month by month calender to keep the housework going weekly meal planner sheets and a weekly reminder to do list We are going back to me doing our on-line banking on a Sunday morning - I have a really excellent app on my phone to monitor daily spends and will tot it all up and put in on my mountainous spreadsheets on a Sunday. Sunday tea time will be family meeting time - plan weeks menus, see what everyone is up to etc and write it all down. And I am going back to on-line food shopping but will use mysupermarket to keep an eye out for good deals and plan my menus accordingly. Although I am on Weight Watchers (2 stone 11 lbs down so far!) I still eat the same meals as everyone else - just smaller portions! The only way to be frugal is to plan, plan, plan!

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  1. Wow, well done on the weight loss. I keep trying to find new ways to keep my grocery budget in line too - for the first time ever I bought 8 Kilograms of rice last month - for $10 Canadian which individually packaged would have cost me about $40. Now I have to figure out a way to store it safely.