Sunday, 6 January 2013

No heating used...and an approved food order on its way

Been on the ball again today....reviewed my Freedom account which is how I manage all my money on my spreadsheets on my laptop - then using an app on my phone called EEBA which is bascially like an envelope system I have set all my accounts up and can record transactions straight away on my phone when I spend something. These will all be added to my spreadsheets on a Sunday morning. Had our family meeting after tea to discuss our weekly meal plan, whos doing what etc and put in one sheet which is up in the kitchen where everyone can see it. Downloaded a freezer inventory sheet and put it up on the fridge for our inside and outside freezers. Been really cold today but only put the heating on for an hour this morning and when dd wanted a bath before she went out, for an hour about 2pm. Its not been on since and seems ok - we had wall cavity insulation put in for free at the beginning of last year and we have noticed that the house defintley keeps warmed for a lot longer after turning the heating off. Everyone seems really on board about turning lights etc off so thats keeping me happy too! And after being reminded on another blog, had a look at Approved foods. I have only ordered once before, was very pleased but got out of the way of looking at the site so decided to have another go. Although it could be very easy to order loads of goodies and snacks I was very sensible and ordered all things we use (but with cheap crisps and biscuits for the hungry hoardes which will be rationed out!) - one of the best buys was a 12 pack of tortillas for 33p. So it cost me just under £40 but according to the site I saved £82! (and oh went to the Co-op for me for loo roll and meatballs on offer) Housekeeping spent - £72.82/£200


  1. I keep thinking about buying from AF, but my concrn is how to store things. Like the tortillas-how do you store them? Freezer?

  2. I will check their sell by date and if I dont use them by then I will freeze them - I use them for lunches as sandwiches or for fajitas. They always seem a bit dry when they come out of the freezer but are fine if you are going to cook with them ie quesidilas etc (can spell for squat!!)