Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Getting rid of stuff

Now that the Crimbo deccies are down and out of the way its time to think about getting rid of the stuff I have but dont use..... So this year I am going to start doing car boots. I do love a car boot but only ever sold at one twice and never liked it (I am not a people person!) but needs must. Since losing weight I have a huge amount of clothes to get rid of - now I know ebay is the best bet but its a huge hassle posting things off etc. There are sites on Facebook to sell things but again, hassle of taking photos, explaining why I wont deliver a top for a few pounds to a place where it will cost a tenner in petrol etc so that leaves a car boot..... And anything not sellable will go to the charity shop - I have someone coming from Freecycle to pick up a small remote telly with built-in video which we have had for years JUST IN CASE.....of what????? its too small to watch and we dont have videos any more (do in the caravan but have a bigget telly to watch them on there) T'other half is taking his dd to Asda so hes picking up cooking oil and eggs so hopefully that will be all the spending we have today. My daughter wants a double bed in her room so will be keeping an eye on freecycle for that (and will then freecycle her single bed!) And to continue the frugal theme....downloaded 7 free books onto my Kindle (bought as a Christmas present when they first came out)

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  1. Good plan on the car boots. It is sad how much stuff we actually own.