Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Approve food order on its way....

I dont use Approved foods very often - we dont eat a lot of processed food so there really has to be a really good savings on their to justify the £5.25 delivery but bagged some really good bargains today - the minimum spend is £15 and I spent £15.01!for allegedly £71 worth of goods (I would never have spent that much on them!). Which means I have only £80 food budget for the rest of the month which is ok. I got a nice email from Sainsburys as I havnt used them for a while offering me free delivery anytime for 3 months (order has to be over £40) so I will be taking advantage of that - I only use their Basics range but find its much better than Asda or Tesco basics range. And yes, its is a bit more expensive but by the time you factor in the time and petrol it takes to get a big shop and all the extra little bits that end up in the trolley it probably works out cheaper! And its triple Nectar points so I have applied for a Nectar card - every little helps!

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