Friday, 28 February 2014

Facing even tougher times....

Just when we thought things couldnt get worse it occurred to me that when youngest dd leaves school in June we will lose both CWTC and Child benefit... that will push us over the edge! She wants to go to college (didnt get into uni as she wants to be a midwife and there are only a few spaces and lots of applicants - still waiting for one uni to reply but shes not holding out much hope) so shes applied for a years course and will try again for uni next year...Im not sure when the child benefit stops so off to look that up now.....


  1. It does get harder doesn't it. bills constantly going up and income either staying the same or declining.

    We can just keep being as frugal as possible. Hope it all works out ok.

    X x

  2. I know how much I was dreading it when my youngest started college and I lost his CB. He was 19 in March of that year and we got his CB until the beginning of September. It helped that he had a part time job so was made responsible for buying all his own clothes, toiletries etc. and he also paid his own fares to college.