Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Mango mania!

Thank you everyone for your comments regarding the mango pulp....have been having great fun with it (its lovely just eaten from the jug I decanted it into! lol) Last night I got a sugar free jelly and used just enough boiling water to dissolve the crystals and topped it up with...guess...mango pulp! It was loveley! I added it to my normal chickpea curry recipe and it was great - its now my official thing to add to everything! Its lovely just swirled into plain fromage frais too and I made a lovely refreshing drink by adding some brighten up a 19p bottle of lemonade. I used the last of my housekeeping on the Approved food order and a free delivery from Sainsburys stocking up on heavy stuff like soap powder and tins so my store cupboard is looking fab. My next plan of attack in March is to reduced my housekeeping budget by £50 - its quite difficult to reduce further when I already stretch it out by buying value/basics ranges but am working on it!

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