Sunday, 2 February 2014

New month - difficult one money wise...

Normally I dont really got out but have been invited to a girlies bingo night this month with the ladies from work, a meal out with family, my 6 weekly haircut and a trip to New Lanark (to compliment my OU history degree - really looking forward to it!)so its going to be a tough month moneywise...Luckily I was really careful and saved half my allowance from last month but even so its going to be a bit of a challenge...Have spent a wee bit already at my fave charity shop - full length quilted coat with hood £4 (been after a warm long coat for ages), a deep red cardigan from BHS for work - £2, a shopping bag £1 (got back and there was a matching purse inside!) and I always keep an eye out for white cotton pillowcases there as they are only 25p and got a nice one with embroidery on the edge. Did our first grocery shop of the month at Aldis and spend £55 so happy with that. Just looked on-line and its £8.50 to get into New Lanark, am going to take a Weight watchers picnic (my dd is taking me and she has lost 5 1/2 stones on Weight watchers)to keep the costs down with flasks for tea. Will go halves on petrol (3 hour round trip) Not sure how much the bingo is going to cost... they are talking about going out afterwards but I cant afford it so am going to have to say no - also have to figure in bus fare back (around £7). The meal is an all you can eat buffet so its a set price. My hair cut is the last time I will be getting a cut and blow dry - will have to go back to dry cuts and am trying to find a hairdresser who cuts hair at home to save even more. Just had a lovely tea of reduced price pork with loads of veg, stuffing, yorkies and gravy - mmmmmmm


  1. Have you contacted your local college? If you dont mind having your hair done by students, it is very cheap and there is a tutor there to oversee the students work.

  2. I would happily get my hair done by a student but I dont live near any colleges - have been looking for a mobile hairdresser but there doesnt seem to be any of them in our area....