Sunday, 18 April 2010

Back after a wonderful holiday

Didn't get time to blog before I went away - thanks for the info Silver Surfer - I will pass it on to my eldest dd. I have got some receipts from before my hol as I did quite a bit of spending but will find them and add on to the totals later....

Well, the holiday was wonderful - could not have asked for better weather -the sun shone every day! The picture was taken from Muasdale overlooking Islay and Ghia (our van and car are on the right) Took the caravan touring this time - Inverary, Mull of Kintyre, Oban and Loch Tay. Best of all, it only cost a grand total of £479 for the week (that includes everything we spent ie sites, petrol, ferry to Mull etc) As it was just the 3 of us my eldest dd had to chip in a third (£479 - £160 = £319 - holiday fund of £238 so I only have to get £81 from my main holiday fund in my Freedom account) Very pleased indeed with this!

And I have a new kitchen!!!!!!!! my son put it in while we were away - cant put up piccies yet as we have to plaster, tile, decorate and put a new floor in. All this has been budgeted for in my savings account.

April housekeeping - £90.50
Extra Holiday fund - £0
My allowance I have left - £34.79
Entertainment - £22.48
Spent with money paid back - £307.25

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