Monday, 5 April 2010

Budget musings

Well just balanced my bank account/Freedom account from March and am very pleased indeed. Before I started this blog although not in debt, I seemed to be borrowing from one Freedom account to pay for another - this last month I have only done that for the £50 overspend in my Entertainment budget (I was going to start putting it up from £50 to £100 but have decided against it - there are other ways of enjoying things without spending money!)Although I have reduced my housekeeping I haven't been actually really on top of it (i.e. menu planning) so that's my goal over the next 2 months.

We are getting a new kitchen put in next week (will all be paid for using savings that we put aside for it - its tiny so not costing that much!)so I am not doing a big shop this week (no point - not putting it in cupboards to take it out again!) so meals will be bitty this week. I have taken my "before" pictures and will post them with my "after" pictures so watch this blog!

April housekeeping - £90.50
Holiday fund - £238.65 ( last hol cost £442)
My allowance I have left - £34.79
Entertainment - £22.48
Spent with money paid back - £307.25


  1. The quilting group in Haddington meets on Wednesday lunch time 1.30 - 3.30 at the Poldrate. They also meet on wednesday evening every other week, but I am not sure where, If you send me your email as a cooment I'll find out for you. I will not publish the comment.

  2. Good luck with the menu planning; I'm working on sticking to mine a little better :-)