Saturday, 24 April 2010

More frugal musings.....

Well I sneaked another trip to IKEA/Tesco/B&Q - all stuff for the kitchen out of my savings but admit to having lunch so that was about £12.

Only managed to take lunch in to work for one meal this week (made it on Friday but forgot to take it!) so I am down £5.50 for lunches. And a small grocery spend - £5.69.

So at the moment my budget is looking quite good (the only reason it is is that I am getting my spending fix by buying stuff for the kitchen out of my savings!!!!!)

I have also decided to do a big online Asda shop tomorrow so it arrives on Monday. There is only a week left of April and I actually have housekeeping left! a whole £56.27 but I let my freezers/cupboards run down as I knew the kitchen was getting done so the online shop is going to be a biggie and I don't want to just use the £53 for bits (and end up getting more!) so I will do it tomorrow and take what's over the £53 from May's budget.

April housekeeping - £193.73
Extra Holiday fund - £0
My allowance I have left - £29.79
Entertainment - £80.98
Clothes - £17
Xmas - £1
Spent with money paid back - £376.63

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