Monday, 19 April 2010

Pre holiday spending!

Did go a bit daft before the holiday on spending! First took both daughters up to the Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh. Went when it was first opened and it was ok but the price has really gone up.....anyway, it was excellent! loved the 4d film show and the dome where you lay back and watched the stars - well worth the money as we were there over 2 hours! Then had a Kentucky chicken lunch and a wee bit of the kind of recreational spending I am trying to fight against! We have a Marksys retail shop where I got a Suduko puzzle book for youngest dd and a cricket game for my dads xmas reduced from £9.50 to £1. I also had to fork out for spending money for youngest holiday to Skye (and money on her phone) and oh had to buy some swimming shorts(£10 in Asda)

(and included in the bottom totals is 2 trips to Asda)

Dynamic earth (inc parking) - £30.50
Kentucky - £11
B&M store - £9.38 (household stuff)
Peacocks - £7 (my race for life t-shirt)
Sainburys - £16.74
M&S - £5

April housekeeping - £188.04
Extra Holiday fund - £0
My allowance I have left - £34.79
Entertainment - £68.98
Clothes - £17
Xmas - £1
Spent with money paid back - £376.63

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