Sunday, 25 April 2010

Freecycle bargains and a plant sale....

Nice day today despite it pouring down this morning!

Did my Asda on-line order first thing (spent £105 and used my Asda credit card to get free delivery)

Then off to Garvald plant sale - got some lovely stuff for my newly dug border (grand total of £5.50 but got quite a bit) Had a nice spot of lunch there (2 soups, 1 bacon roll, 2 pieces lovely cake and - in the end - 3 cups of tea each!) for the total sum of £8.50.

Then off to a Freecycle shop at a local old peoples home. Went to this the last time and got loads of stuff. This time there were a lot more people than stuff and it was quite poor. But did get the following...

Large pan with lid - good heavy one for soup
2 pairs John Lewis school trousers for gd
2 pairs shorts for school for gd
2 books for me
2 pairs of funky tights still in packets for my pal
Body warmer for my pals daughter
Top for my (wait for it...) step-daughters step-daughter!

So its been a nice day....

April housekeeping - £0 (and £48.73 to come off Mays!)
Extra Holiday fund - £0
My allowance I have left - £29.79
Entertainment - £89.48
Clothes - £17
Xmas - £1
Household - £5.50
Spent with money paid back - £376.63

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