Sunday, 6 June 2010

2 jumble sales....

Off we went yesterday to a big scouts jumble sale at Gullane.....find I'm being very discerning in my purchases - I just love looking at other folks stuff!!!! Bought.....

Box of 43 magazines - quite old ones called Out and About which gives reviews of areas in UK to visit, and reviews of motorhomes and caravans - hours of entertainment for £2

3 paperbacks for £1

Cute summer bag with cherries on it - 50p

Came back and went to our neighbours for a wee barbecue as it was such gorgeous weather (I took along beefburgers and sausages I bought with this months on-line Asda shop for such eventualities!)

Woke up this morning to rain but didn't dampen our spirits as another jumble sale this time up at Garvald which is a lovely wee village. Spent £4 on 2 bacon and egg rolls and 2 cups of tea.

Bought - 4 paperbacks for £1
Fleece cosy toes for new grandsons pram (hes due this Saturday coming)
Babys first blankie (with a blue teddy rattle)
Thick Reebok coat for gs no 1 for the winter
Bag of brand new school socks (around 10 pairs) for gs no 1
(all above for £2)

So had a lovely weekend!

June housekeeping - £134.27 left
Extra Holiday fund - £100
My allowance I have left - £43.50
Entertainment - £4
Spent with money paid back - £423.63

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  1. I'm green with envy, we don't seem to have jumble sales round here.