Tuesday, 1 June 2010

At last - a menu!

Well - raided all my cupboards and freezers (I have a small one in the kitchen and a huge one in the shed), made up a menu and did an Asda order. I am sooo proud of myself! My Asda order came to £101 (used my Asda credit card to get free delivery and Asda points - this is always paid in full by a direct debit every month so its like using a Switch card but with extras!) I always use Asda on-line - found Tesco to be terrible.

That £101 is for the whole month!!!!!! My big freezer has quite a lot of meat (bought on special offers) in it so this is using it all up. I have made up a menu for dinners for 21 days - although this is not quite a month there are also meals which can be made out of left overs or bits from the freezer(some meals are the same - batch cooking)which hopefully will make it up to the full month...

1 - Tomato and spinach pasta bake
2 - H/M Macaroni cheese
3 - H/M fish pie
4 - H/M fish pie
5 - H/M Chilli con carne
6 - Wild rocket pesto pasta
7 - Lamb shanks
8 - Roast beef dinner
9 - H/M Lasagne
10 - H/M Lasagne
11 - H/M meatballs and pasta
12 - H/M meatballs and pots
13 - Pork joint dinner
14 - Beef stir fry
15 - Chicken, broccoli & pasta
16 - H/M Salmon pie
17 - Lamb joint dinner
18 - H/M Spinach & mushroom lasagne
19 - Sausages & mash
20 - Toad in the hole
21 - Turkey with lime and coconut

I have also ordered quite a bit of flour etc as I intend to do a lot more home baking

June housekeeping - £134.27 left
Extra Holiday fund - £100
My allowance I have left - £50
Spent with money paid back - £423.63

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