Sunday, 13 June 2010

Busy week

Hence no blogging! Went away for a few days in the caravan on the spur of the moment down to Lauder to visit friends - had a smashing time - cost £45.50 for the site, spent £26 on groceries for the van. Went down to the Common Ridings at Hawick and spent a grand total of £6!

Took packed lunches to work (only worked 2 days this week) so spent no money there...

Did the Race for Life today up in Edinburgh in the pouring rain! Walked 5km to raise money for Cancer research - did it with youngest dd (13) and my pal Linda and her dd Lisa - my eldest (the one who beat cancer) came to see us despite being full of cold which was nice. Didn't think it would cost anything (apart from £2 bus fare) but we ended up buying some wonderful Angus Aberdeen beefburgers cos we were starving (and didn't fancy carry a picnic on the walk!!) so that was £12.

My menu plan is working brilliantly - no more popping into the shops for bits so saving quite a bit at the moment. Added to the 21 meals I had planned are meal 22 - barbecue at my pals stuff with burgers/sausage/rolls from the freezer and meal 23 was shepherds pie made with left-over lamb from the lamb dinner and meal 24 was just cheese and crackers as my mum and dad came up and bought a big lunch!

June housekeeping - £134.27 left
Extra Holiday fund - £28.50
My allowance I have left - £43.50
Entertainment - £24
Spent with money paid back - £423.63

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