Sunday, 20 June 2010

A few bargain buys

Again - been too busy to blog! I sold my dining room table and chairs as they were really too big for the small alcove they were in. Got £100 for them and the set I wanted were in IKEA for £89 so off we went.....and of course, didn't just stop at the table set! in total spent £157 but included a wire basket set to put my fabric stash in. The ongoing saga of the back room mess has now been resolved and I have moved things round - hopefully it will stay tidy now (have pictures on my camera of before and after and when I find the lead to put them on the computer I will post them on the blog) I also took piccies of my old table and the new table and will get them on.

Been doing very well on the meals out - only 2 this week - IKEA (£11) and a fish supper between myself and eldest dd at the market today (£6) Bought 5 new cushions for my sofa for £5, 3 books at 50p each (quite dear but I really wanted them!) and 5 nice poppy table mats for my new table for a total of £1!

Also been doing well on the grocery front - stuck to my menu and shopped today just enough to last me until my next on-line shop next week (£44)

June housekeeping - £90.27 left (might be able to put this in the holiday fund!)
Extra Holiday fund - £28.50
My allowance I have left - £26
Entertainment - £24
Household - £64
Spent with money paid back - £423.63

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