Friday, 4 June 2010

Frugal finds

In all this domestic bliss forgot to post pics of my latest frugal finds.

First pic is an instrument of torture - sorry, that should read exercise thingy given to me by my neighbour who is moving house. We have all had a go on it, screamed with laughter and probably will never go on it again so will put in on Freecycle.

- the tables I got at a car boot sale on Sunday for the princely sum of £5 and have 4 folding tables tucked under it (also bought a wee clock for the caravan for £1)

Another no-spend day (I'm on a roll here!!!!)

June housekeeping - £134.27 left
Extra Holiday fund - £100
My allowance I have left - £50
Spent with money paid back - £423.63


  1. I LOVE the tables! Could really use something like that in my house!

  2. First time visiting your blog!
    Love your allowance scheme!
    I must do one... if I ever want to have my new kitchen!