Sunday, 7 August 2011

Busy busy

Dh got out on Friday - feels better today and is eating ok - still really tired...

Did an on-line Asda order and managed to come in just pennies under £50 - the only reason for this is I managed to hit the reductions bit last week and hit it hard - picture to follow but got £34 odd worth of meaty stuff for just under £3 - 20p for everything except 2 chickens - normal price 2 for £7 - reduced to 50p each! Just had one for Sunday dinner for 4 of us and theres enough left over for a curry (using a 9p jar of Asda smart price curry sauce of course!)

Had to spend £20 putting credit on mine and my youngest dds phone - we are with Tesco and so for every £10 your put on you get £20 free - used it a lot when dh was in hospital.

Big day tomorrow - 1st time for 1 1/2 hour driving lesson to start going up to the town where the test routes are! Really nervous but excited at the same time....

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  1. Hope DH recovers quickly. Congratulations on your thrifty finds.
    Depending on what anesthetic DH had, he will feel tired for quite a while until it gets out of his system. They have a long lasting effect.