Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Credit cards can be good

Now before everyone screams in disbelief - they can be used to your advantage...back in the day I had gawd knows how many all maxed out to the limit.....9 years on I only have 1 - my Tesco one. I set up a direct debit to pay off the balance in full every month and use it like a debit card. If I dont have the money I wont use it. I dont pay any fees but collect Tesco clubcard vouchers every time I use it which I then turn into Deals and buy magazine subscriptions as Christmas presents.

We dont have a Tesco near us but my eldest dd does and that where she mainly does her shopping. I got a wee leaflet offering 1000 points if I recomended a friend - talked to her about it and explained about the direct debit so shes going to apply for one and she also gets 1000 points,

So they can be a good thing if used properly.

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  1. I agree completely and this is exactly what we do.

    We too don't have a Tesco close by, it's about a 40 minute car journey, but there are a few Tesco own products that we both enjoy. So every quarter when we get our clubcard vouchers we have a trip to Tesco and use them for the products we like.

    So our only shopping actually bought in Tesco comes free from the vouchers.

    Like you I used to be maxed out to the hilt and spent a couple of frugal years paying off my debts so I can sleep easily now. I have also lost that urge to shop for shoppings sake, once you realise how hard you have to work to pay off debts, you'd be mad to go back.

    So now my credit cards are my friends.

    Sue xx