Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Unexpected expense!

Came back from my driving lesson (quite bouncy as it went well) to find dh rolling on the floor in agony - ambulance trip and 9 hours in A&E later he was found a bed and it getting his gall bladder out today......

So by the time I had got sandwiches and water from vending machines, paid for petrol for lifts (our hospital is a 60 mile round trip)and had to pay for petrol for his uncle to take up toiletries and jamas today its quite an expensive business! Lucky I have an emergency fund for just that - an emergency! Thank goodness for the National Health and we dont have to pay for his treatment as well!


  1. Ouch, gallbladder is really painful. Hope OH is better soon. I know everyone complains about the good old NHS, but I much rather have it than not.

  2. thank goodness for a paid for health service xxxx

  3. Hope your OH is better soon. Good luck with the driving lessons too.