Sunday, 28 August 2011

Wonderful jumble sale!

A yearly jumble sale and charity auction was yesterday....

Got some great stuff -

China mug with in-built tea strainer
Daffoldil tray
Cream and gold material thingy for the mantlepiece for xmas
Lasagne dish
2 small folding garden chairs for the caravan

Didnt buy anything at the aution but just love the atmosphere! Then while they were doing the auction it was announced "fill a bag for £1" so I got....

1000gms brown acrylic yarn
2 x 200gm pure new wool
Fleece scarf and mitts (were still in wrapper!)
Brown check scarf
Small red fleecy blanket
4 tops for dd
Skirt for dd
Jeans and Tommy Hillfigger top for dgd
2 pretty cotton serviettes
2 cotton place mats
Plastic apron with strawberries on
Tea towel

(eldest dd got the wool, brown scarf, mug and xmas thingy so they are not in the picture)

Spent a grand total of £6 +£2 entrance fee - very pleased!

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