Monday, 15 August 2011

Car boot bits

Isnt it funny - you can go to a huge car boot sale (not many of them round here!) but come away with nothing but go to a teeny tiny one and get lots!

Our teeny tiny one came up trumps - a beautiful pair of red leather shoes for me (major comfort not looks!) not worn - £2, another pair of shoes for me (toe post sandals, tiny heel - again, not worn - £2, a nice wooden poppy for my office (will post pictures when tidy!!!) £1 and best of all a Belkin messenger style laptop bag - brand new, still with tags attached - looked on t'internet but it must be an old style but by the looks of them its in the £25-£30 price bracket - for £1!!!!! My eldest goes to uni in September and she was delighted with it!


  1. We've had the same happen to us . We gave the massive carboot a miss on Sunday and went to the small one in town. We found quite a few good things there.

  2. ooh, well done! the last garage sale I went to was an estate sale, so it had LOADS of stuff. But all I found that I needed was a 15 cent tablespoon measure. Hubby teased me about riding across the country to save a couple of cents, but I reminded him that even big game hunters come home empty handed once in awhile. ;)