Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Bought a dress for my dds wedding in the sale!

Have been very good and not spent any money at all....then went on to the House of Fraser website...I bought a gorgeous dress for my sons wedding last year from their Eliza J range (full skirts - very 50's) and have been watching a grey dress for a while - got all excited as it was in the sale reduced from £140 to £39 but was out of stock!!!! But there was a lovely damson plum one very much like the one I got last time but this time with beaded cap sleeves - reduced from £140 to £78 so I ordered it and its arrived and is beautiful! It is also 2 sizes smaller than I am now so that will keep me on the straight and narrow of my healthy living plan! I lost 4 stones for my sons wedding, put a stone back on (over a year thats not bad!) - have now lost that stone but might have put a bit back on over Crimbo - so I reckon another 2 stone off and the dress will fit perfectly. The wedding isnt until September so plenty of time....
Havent done any de-cluttering as busy at work so total is still
3 x beanie hats for a lady with cancer
3 paperbacks for car boot sale
Ongoing de-clutter total - 19
Money from sales - £3 (sold my iron!)

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