Friday, 2 January 2015

Nice day out, student discounts and some bargains

We always treat ourselves at New Year to a meal out and a trip to the movies - saw the last part of the Hobbit and it was brilliant! I have a student discount card (as Im with the OU) so got in a bit cheaper. Then met up with dd and her fiancee and had a lovely meal at the Handmade Burger Co in Ocean Terminal up in Edinburgh - really lovely meal and a great natter with dd and her df - got 15% student discount too! Then went shopping at Matalan as I had some Crimbo money left - got 2 packs of cards reduced from £2 to 50p and a present for next Christmas for £3 reduced from £8. My dd had forgotten her Matalan card so she gave me the money and put all the stuff through my card and got my student discount of that too! I also got £5.15 back in cashback for using my debit card (been months to get that much!) so with that and the student discount money I got back today I have put away £20 in our holiday account!

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