Monday, 3 May 2010

I turn my back......

Was feeling quite smug about my spending...turn my back for a minute (well, not blogged for a week!) and it goes to h*ll in a hand cart!!! Just shows how blogging (for me) is the way to go....

Monday - cant remember but think it was a no-spend-day
Tuesday - mum and daughter day - did some gardening and then had to go to hospital for dds checkup - ended up buying lunch (£11), popped into Matalan and got a new top for work, new knickers (definitely a need Im afraid - some of my undies arent fit for dusters!) and a small handbag for work (my last one collapsed under the strain) - total =£19 - then attacked Asda for jeans for oh (gone up from £3 to £4!) - will have to find the receipt for the stuff I got as some was for the kitchen from my savings budget
Wednesday - no spend - even brought in a pack lunch for work
Thursday - forgot my lunch! £2.60 for a baked pot
Friday - latte and lunch day.....£3.50
Saturday - help jings ma boab - another plant sale - £9 on plants and £2 on lunch
Sunday - had a lovely car ride round the county - lived here in East Lothian for over 20 years and even found roads I had never been on! cafe stop for me and oh - £10

And I have found a couple of receipts in oh's car when he just pops in for lunch and something at Asda! (£8.21 and £6.52)It really mounts up when your back is turned..(found my Asda recept - £18 clothes £4.50 household)

And we have decided to go to the pictures this evening to celebrate the bank holiday - Clash of the Titans in 3d - will add this total up tomorrow...

So the moral of the tale is - - -KEEP BLOGGING! Its funny how you think before spending if you know you have to write it down for all the world to see!

May housekeeping - £48.73
Extra Holiday fund - £50
My allowance I have left - £51.29
Entertainment - £tbc
Clothes - £37
Household - £13.50
Spent with money paid back - £376.63

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