Thursday, 2 September 2010

Another day out

Took a flexi day off today as dd had a hospital appointment - everything is fine - off for a quick lunch before she had her college induction day. A nice lunch at the buffet at Pizza Hut (dds choice as I always treat her to lunch after the hospital) Popped into New Look and got 2 pairs of woolly tights for youngest dd reduced from £5 to £1 each and 2 pairs of knees length socks (like thick denier tights) reduced to 50p each. Got a new lipstick in Boots (used my £5 voucher from when I bought a picnic for the pictures at Boots with my luncheon vouchers!)so only had to pay £4.25. Then went to Asda and got some random stuff.....

Coloured pencils and colouring books
4 lunch bags (for picnics)
(the above bought for grandkids as we are all going on holiday in 2 static caravans - 14 of us including 2 babies! - must be mad!
Food flask (for taking soups etc to work)
2 nail varnishes and a lipgloss - these only totalled £5 - George makeup is very reasonable.

Got home and oh has been working (long story - he's a fisherman and only started back working in July but the boat has been out of commission since the beginning of August) and had brought home a big bag of prawns (which he cooked and shelled as I hate doing it) had them simply with noodles as they were so fresh we didn't want to drown the taste!

Holiday - £41
My allowance - £12.45
Entertainment - £17.50
Household - £5
Clothes - £3

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