Sunday, 26 September 2010

I love a car boot.....

Busy weekend - made some lovely soup yesterday (mmm what's left in my veg drawer - chuck it all in a pot!) from parsnips, turnip and leek. Made a big mistake by sending OH to the butchers on his own! (what was I thinking!!!!!!) wont do that again as he spent.....£33 and one of his buys was pork fillet! Can make 6 meals (possibly 7) with the meat so I am not happy - next time he will be accompanied. Spent £12 on goodies at Asda (night in) and went to Aldis and spent £50 on messages and treated myself to a lovely caramel and cream bedspread for a horrendous £25 (its sooo gorgeous) The messages will last us well into next month (I will post up a menu tomorrow)
Off to a car boot early this morning so put pots, carrots and stewing beef in the slow cooker and off we went.....

Bought - The Snowman fluffy toy (I love the Snowman!) £1
Toast rack for the caravan - 50p
Pink flowery crocs for me - £1
Quotation game for caravan - 50p
New Year Party games - 50p
2 big pictures in IKEA clip frames of lighthouses with waves crashing over them - bargain at 50p for the 2!
Furry boot slippers for youngest dd - £2 (she's fussy!)
Various bits for the grandkids - £1.50

and £7.80 on bacon rolls!

Came home and turned the slow cooker up high and put dumplings in (a la Jamie Oliver) - left them for an hour and it was probably the best stew I have ever made - for taste you really cant beat a proper butcher. I must admit I normally buy meat from the supermarkets but decided to give our local butcher (well, the next village!) a try but OH said it was really busy, he forgot his glasses and got all confused hence he spent too much - next time I will go with him and sort him out.

Just realised on my totals that I have underspent by £41.76 this month so that's going in my holiday account - meal planning definitely saves money

Saved by car sharing - £16.80
Housekeeping - £208.24
Holiday - £85.76
My allowance - £49.80
Entertainment - £37.50
Household - £32.50
Clothes - £60.10

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