Saturday, 25 September 2010

Turning 50

Not blogged for a while - did some spending (nothing I couldnt afford!) and a lot of thinking....

Turning 50 has been a bit of a watershed for me - its probably about time I decided what I am going to do when I grow up! so have done the following....

Gone to the dentist (believe you me this was a feat - the last time I had treatement was when I was 15 and the few emergency appointments I have had since were horrific)

Booked driving lessons - starting this Monday! never driven before in my life!

Enrolled in the Open University - learning History (would be nice to head for a degree)

Stayed in the car during a car wash! - may seem daft but have been unable to do it since I was a kid cos of my claustrophobia - didnt like it but managed it

Now these might not seem very exciting things but for me they are all major hurdles I have been trying to overcome - maybe I have grown up at long last!


  1. Well done on surmounting your personal hurdles

  2. Happy birthday for your 50th. I am feeling quite non plussed about mine. When I was 40 I had a huge party - planned months in advance, lost weight etc, etc. 10 years on can't be bothered. WHat does that say about me???