Sunday, 5 September 2010

Nights out and ebay

Busy few days - Fridays lunch at work cost £1.35. Stayed at my daughters on Friday night as I was going out for a meal with the girls from work. Had a great time and I think it cost me £26 (few drinkys involved) On the way home the next day I bought 2 pizzas, 2 bottles of lemonade and 4 loo rolls at a wee rural co-op (total £7.50) Me and both my dds were invited to a friends house at 3pm for a "ladies afternoon" - we had to dress up (had to borrow a dress from dd!) and had a great time. 18 of us in total - it was a scream! Played bingo, had a quiz (which I won!) and there was a jewellery sale and everyone bought bits to sell for no more than £1. Had strawberry's and champagne and salmon, cream cheese and cucumber sandwiches - weather was perfect for it. Then had a wee too many drinks for comfort and toddled off home at 9pm.....

I have also been hitting ebay - as I am a "ahem" larger sized lady I find it very difficult (and expensive!) to buy clothes. Very rarely do I find any at charity shops or jumble sales and the likes of Evans is extortionate. So I thought I would look at ebay - now its been a while since I bought stuff from there but the prices have really shot up. Anyway - I have bought the following

Winter Skirt (aubergine, suede look)
Purple going out top
Black patterned reverible skirt
Long length tunic
Black/cream top
Beige raincoat

Cost a grand total of £29.92 including postage which is still less than the price of one blouse in Evans.

Housekeeping - £7.50
Holiday - £41
My allowance - £39.80
Entertainment - £17.50
Household - £5
Clothes - £32.92

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