Monday, 6 September 2010

Slow coker soup

Been on a bit of a mission today - 2 loads of washing (put out, dried, ironed and put away!) Sorted out my kitchen cupboards and washed the inside (not a bad chore as its not long since we put the kitchen in!)re-arranged some cupboards, washed out the fridge and put a load in the dishwasher. Had a break (read my caravan magazine from the subscription paid for in Tesco vouchers) and had a cheese toastie (using one of those thingys in the toaster - mmmmmm)
Am going to do a 2 week menu this afternoon after checking all the cupboards to see what I have - freezers are looking sad as I have been using things up so time to re-stock - will do an Asda on-line shop.
Trying out soup in the slow cooker. I use my slow cooker loads but have never tried soup. Its a lentil soup from the slow cooker book I got ages ago in a charity shop (basically onions, carrots, lentils, chicken stock, tin tomatoes) and it says to cook it on low for 6-10 hours. Trying it through the day so I can see if I can leave it on all day (or even over night if I want to take soup to work) Been looking up a few more recipes for slow cooker soup so will report back.
Am bidding on a few more items on ebay so will if I get them will add them to the total below.
Feeling very domesticated!!!!!

Housekeeping - £7.50
Holiday - £41
My allowance - £39.80
Entertainment - £17.50
Household - £5
Clothes - £32.92

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