Monday, 13 September 2010

More bargains

Had a lovely day at the Museum of Flight yesterday (even better as it was free!) rustle up a picnic from stuff I keep ready for such occasions - even made some apple flapjacks which were lovely. Cooked them in my brownie tin so they were really deep and moist. Went to the regular car boot at East Fortune market. Normally not keen as it seems to be mostly dealers who want quite a bit of money for tat but actually got some good stuff yesterday.

11 vests
5 pairs pjs
3 babygros
Top and fleece pinafore - all for my gd Skye - totalled £2
Walking boots for youngest dd - 50p and fit perfectly

Then had to go to Tesco as needed bits (and dd needed stationary for school) - spent £36.02 but that did include quite a few reductions at half price.

Went to the dentist today (free as on Working tax credit) and popped into a charity shop - normally never buy anything as I find them really expensive but saw a lovely Evans gilet - poodle fleece inside brown mock suede - and paid £5 for it but am really pleased with it.

Also joined a car sharing website and have been matched up with someone who works in the same building as me - starting Weds I can get a lift in the mornings so instead of costing me £3.10 (or £3.70 depends which bus comes first) I will only be paying £1!!!! really pleased

Housekeeping - £146.24
Holiday - £41
My allowance - £39.80
Entertainment - £17.50
Household - £7.50
Clothes - £60.10

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