Monday, 27 September 2010

My first ever driving lesson

Didn't sleep last night - was so excited (honestly, I'm like a big kid!)

Picked up at 11.30 in a brand new BMW - I was expecting the mini he usually drives but turns out he got better deal with this one - very smart...

After 40 mins of explaining about all the tests etc and showing me how to use the clutch he said it was my turn - out I got and into the driving seat - altered the chair etc - went to press the button to start it and burst into tears!!!! Honestly, I do my own head in at times - I get sooo worked up about things and so emotional its totally ridiculous - thankfully, as he's been teaching folk to drive for nearly 30 years it didn't phase him. Sat and pulled myself together and managed to go forwards starting and stopping with the clutch. I have booked another 10 lessons as I am determined not to let being such a girl and crying stop me! Hopefully, next week I wont be so wound up and can manage without tears (gggggggrrrrrh at myself!) Its so much to take in all at once (and especially for a mature lady like myself!)So watch this blog for further events!!!!

(I'm exhausted and going for lie down!)

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  1. Yay :) im soo proud of u :):):):):):):):):) yayayayayayayayayayay lol. There's no stoppin u now mumsy xxx