Sunday, 13 March 2011

Bargains at Asda

Had to go to Asda to get the stuff that was missing from my order (they offered me substitues but not what I wanted) and hit lucky at the reductions again...

4 tear & share breads- £1.57 to 10p
2 packs rolls - 70p to 10p
Cake - £1 to 10p
2 packs cornish pasties - £1.37 to 10p
2 packs cheese pasties - £1.37 to 10p
3 packs steak bakes - £1.37 to 10p

So got £26.95 worth of goodies for £1.40! Had to buy sandwich stuff, stew, fish and vinegar and treated my dd to some nice ice cream cos shes had a hard week at school bless her!

(and bought a bag of pots from our local farm shop for £7 which lasts us weeks)

March housekeeping left - £130 left
(£50 goes into holiday fund)
Spent - my allowance - £30
Spent - entertainment - £27.50
Spent - clothes - £39
Spent - household - £35
Spent - Christmas 2011 - £106.25 (saved - £202.45!)


  1. I wish they did bargains like that at my local Asda. Well done, I Enjoy your blog.

  2. oooo Thats excellent - I try not to buy preprocessed but love a pasty! Mostly its the price but for 10p - what a bargain!!!!

    I enjoy your blog too!

  3. Those Asda bargains are staggeringly good. Well done. Unfortunately there is not an Asda anywhere near me. When Tesco marks down they do not do it in a manner anything like that.

    I shop in Aldi and have done so for about a year and must have saved loads as a result. Your Asda bargains look even better though.