Sunday, 27 March 2011

I love a jumble sale!

First one this year and its always the best! A better class area and its amazing the things you get....

Took a picture of some of it but somes been washed and is on the line....bought the following...

Pet carry box
2 mugs
5 books
Christmas pot holders
Plastic jug and 2 cups and tray
6 small and 2 large cotton retro placemats
Soap/shampoo dispenser
A slanket (fleece with arms)
2 jumper for dh work
2 polo shirts for dh work
2 games for the caravan
Hot water bottle and fleecy cover
Mixing jug
4 pasta bowls

Including £1 to get in I spent £17 - very pleased indeed - my youngest dd got 2 tops and a skirt and my eldest dd got too much to mention but spent less than £10

Then went today to our first car boot sale of the year....and got nothing! Nothing too my fancy at all. So since we were in Edinburgh we went to the big car boot at Greenside car park. Its indoors and feels like the bowels of the earth - its huge but I think something that big you kind of get "car boot blindness" as it all merges into one - so came away with nothing there (did spend £8 on rolls for us)

Washing drying on the line, chicken in the slow cooker and an afternoon devoted to being on the internet - nice relaxing day!

March housekeeping left - £18 left (£6.04 vouchers from Asda price guarantee)
(£50 goes into holiday fund)
Spent - my allowance - £30
Spent - entertainment - £39.50
Spent - clothes - £50.20
Spent - household - £57.90
Spent - Christmas 2011 - £106.25 (saved - £202.45!)

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  1. Great buys at the jumble, well done!

    Shirl x