Sunday, 6 March 2011

Spending on the house

Probably about time! I cant even remember how long ago I bought my sitting room curtains - we get the sun all afternoon and although they are just plain cream they are yellowing badly in the middle.
Have been on the lookout for new ones but I need 2 pairs 60x90 and haven't been lucky at car boots. The price of ready made curtains is shocking so was amazed to find some I liked in Poundstretchers - £12.99 a pair which I thought was really good. Haven't put them up yet (they are patterned which I normally avoid) but will do it this afternoon and post up a picture. Also bought a 3 pronged device with microfibre cloths on it to clean Venetian blinds - 99p - as I had only put my blind up in the back room just before Christmas I though it wouldn't be too bad - WRONG! didn't realise how much dust accumulates on these things - so its all dust free now. Am going to attempt my bedroom blinds (wood look) later on - they have been up a lot longer! (sneaked another lunch in at Kentucky FC - must try better)

Did my Asda on-line shop - decided to try fortnightly to save on the delivery charge - ordered it to come earlier that the fiasco last week. Spent £101 but that included a new hair-dryer as ours is making funny smells so only £93 on food but that is stocking my cupboards with soap powder etc so I got free delivery by using my Asda credit card.

March housekeeping left - £161 left
(£50 goes into holiday fund)
Spent - my allowance - £30
Spent - entertainment - £15.50
Spent - clothes - £39
Spent - household - £35
Spent - Christmas 2011 - £106.25 (saved - £202.45!)

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