Sunday, 13 March 2011

Been busy with the Family Tree

Bit of a hobby of mine over the past 3 years and have got mounds of info - got a lend of a dvd from John at work (ta muchly) called Family Tree Maker and have spent days putting in info. I have only done one lines (Bells) and never realised I had so much info! Its great to keep it altogether and the dvd prints out great reports. Its going to be a real labour of love putting all the rest of the stuff I have in! Even managed to resurrect my scanner which has been lurking in a cupboard and scanned loads of old photos in.

What spurred me on is I left a message on Rootschat.coms forum and got a reply from a lovely lady in Canada who husband turns out is my 3rd cousin once removed - she has loads of further info and we have been swapping photos etc.

So while thats been keeping me busy I havnt been spending money!

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