Sunday, 25 September 2011

Bit hungover and night class musings....

Our wee town has an annual music festival and for the past years and years me and my friend have always gone to see the same singer.....last night was the night so feeling a wee bitty fragile today! On a brighter note - hardly spend anything as I hardly ever drink anymore and it didnt take very many last night for me to start going on to lemonades!!!!!

The lady I get a lift in to work runs the council Adult education programmes - have done a few in the distant past (ECDL, Advanced ECDL, Cookery on a budget and Calligraphy) so I had a look at this years offerings. Lots I fancied but too far away so have signed up for Aromatherapy for Beginners - starts at our local school on Monday evenings for 10 weeks. Best of all it would normally cost £74 but cos I am on Working Tax credit I will get it for £19 (I remember when they were free!)So might pick up some tips for cheap home-made Christmas presents.

Doing well with my housekeeping budget this month too so very pleased....only 1 more shop to do - if I manage around the £50-£60 mark I can put nearly £100 away into our holiday account which is great.

September housekeeping - £152.01


  1. Sounds like a lovely evening, listening to the folk music!

    Your course is great value even for £74. I think you have chosen well. Will you blog some ideas?

    We have a grocery budget of £60 for 2 of us. And like you squirrel our savings for holidays or long term goals.

    Sft x

  2. Made me laugh at a memory of a class I did years and years ago. I also signed up for aromatherapy but it turned out we had to massage each other with the aromatherapy oils - not at all what I had expected! Too late to back out by then, I endured 10 weeks in a group with a lovely lady and a very hairy man....I haven't done any evening classes since then!!

  3. LOL!!!! I did check cos I thought it might be the massages too and I didnt fancy that.....

  4. Oo, that sounds interesting. I think some of the colleges near us run adult learning courses for free if you're on certain benefits (not council run courses), so perhaps they're worth looking into too. :)