Friday, 9 September 2011

Pays to cost a recipe - syrup sponge pud

I am a bit obsessed with spreadsheets - they are great fun! sad or what!! lol

So I decided to cost a home-made recipe I found on the net somewhere (cant for the life of me remember where!)

2 oz sugar
2 oz marg
2 oz flour
1 egg
1 oz milk
1 tablespoon golden syrup

Mix the sponge mix, put in microwave bowl, pour the syrup over, cover with clingfilm and cook in the microwave for 3 mins - this made a lovely quick easy pudding for the three of us.

On todays prices at Asda on my supermarket it came to 34.13p - add a packet of instant custard for 10p (that was from Sainsburys) and the whole pud cost less that 15p per portion.

If you had bought one of those tins steamed puddings it would have cost over 3 times as much and I doubt if it would have done 2 of us never mind 3........


  1. Wow, this sounds just the thing - what size bowl did you use to make the pud in? I'll have to add one to my list :D

    KB XX

  2. It was actually quite a small plastic bowl - normally holds 2 pints = need quite a shallow one as the syrup goes to the bottom - will try it with jam next (the recipe suggested using Nutella - or in my case - Asda smart price chocolate spread!) When you put the ingredients in it doesnt actually rise very much

  3. i have a recipe for this too. Even my boys can make, it is so simple!

  4. Thanks for that, I'm definitely going to give it a try. It sounds really simple and tasty. :)

    KB xx

  5. Brilliant! I'm gonna try that and if it looks half decent I'll post a pic on my blog. Thanks:-))