Sunday, 11 September 2011

Probably last car boot....

We have a Sunday market near us and my pal wanted a trip out so off we went.....

Car boot bit - got 6 soup spoons for 50p (a need - dont know where all my spoons go to!)
4 books - at 10p each (this really is the last of my allowance now gone)
Xmas mug, bowl and saucer for dd for Xmas - £1

The market had mens wool jumpers - 2 for £5 - now I have scoured second-hand shops, car boots etc for thick mens jumpers for dh for work (hes a fisherman so needs wool) and cant get them anywhere so bought 4 off this stall for £10 which is excellent value. I always buy wool jumpers the size larger than he needs just in case of shrinkage!

Might have a bakeathon this afternoon......or maybe tomorrow!....


  1. You may have spent all of your allowance but you've got alot for your money.

    What books did you buy?

    Sft x

  2. 4 thrillers - 1 Jeffrey Deaver and 3 other american ones - I prefer British thrillers but for 10p I'll read anything!

  3. Allowances often don't stretch as well as they should. You did well at the sale though. I had a good day at ours for a change. I bought a knitting kit for a baby blanket for $1.50. An old small buffet for $3 and a bag full of clothes that will turn into doll clothes for $1.