Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Freecycle and night class

Isnt Freecycle fab? I got my free chair yesterday so decided I would ask on Freecycle if anyone had the matching footstool - ended up with 2! One is black leather look and the other is cream to match my chair. Took both as the chair and cream one will go in the caravan and the black one is really comfortable in my sitting room.

Went to my Aromatherapy night class last night - looks really good - we are going to learn to blend our own oils and make room sprays, lip balms, bath milks and creams for gifts. Will be a bit of an outlay getting some of the essential oils but I'm not buying anything yet until I know which ones I like (actually, most of them!)

Home-made lentil soup on the cooker and I had a good driving lesson this morning so its a good day!


  1. The amount people charge for driving lessons!! I hope it's going ok! :)