Friday, 9 September 2011

Cash is hard going!

Had to put on for a couple of birthday collections at work so that was another £4 gone.....dd has a school trip to Beamish - £18....

But on a brighter note I have taken lunches to work so thats saved me £10 - if I had paid for them out of my allowance I wouldnt have had anything to spend for the rest of the month. Now this is the point of my allowance - to spend on just small treats on myself - if I dont get that I tend to feel hard-done-by and splurge out on something larger!

Got flour, marg etc in my on-line shop so will have a baking/freezing weekend to help out eek our finances this month.

1 comment:

  1. I know its so hard at times...but its better than the ever increasing debt round your neck. And like you say, so long as we can have a few treats now and then. I've just ordered myself some plants for the garden... the first this year so thats exceptionally good for me, and it was from paypal cash earned on ebay.
    Keep plodding on... just know you are not alone in this struggle x

    Vicky x