Monday, 26 September 2011

Well under food budget! and a free chair

Did my online shop and it came to £57.95 so this months housekeeping is....


As I allow £300 for my monthly housekeeping I can now put £90 away in my holiday fund! Great stuff! So thats a long weekend in the van!

Will do the same next month - although I could just put that money straight away its much more fun doing it this way!

(also did the Asda price promise and will be getting £3.66 off my next shop)

The free chair - went round to my friends for a cuppa and we were watching out of the window as a house across the way was getting pal spotted a small old fashioned sofa so went across and asked if she could have it for her sun room! So we brought it over and she gave me her Ikea Poang chair which was in there. The reason I took this is that we might be getting another caravan! This one is just small, its an empty shell as it was used for storage. I want to turn it into an office (and use it to store my camping stuff that I used to have in our caravan!) We are supposed to be getting it this weekend coming so I will have to live with the Ikea chair in the middle of my living room until then! The joy of the Ikea chair is that I can disassemble to get it into the caravan!


  1. Nice chair. Are caravan doors really that narrow?

  2. They are over here! I have visions of putting things in through the main window! lol