Monday, 19 September 2011

A wee frugal holiday

Well we now have our tourer on a seasonal pitch near Dumfries - went down at the weekend and had a lovely quiet relaxing break. As I have said before its not a cheap way of holidaying as it will be costing me £58 per month to site it (paid for out of my holiday budget) but its a bolthole for the whole family and I must admit holidays are very important to us all.

So me, my eldest dd and my youngest dd went down - took food down, visitied a local farmers market for some nice goodies and went to Tesco and got messages while we were there. Including petrol it cost £25 per person (my eldest dd pays for herself) So out of my monthly holiday budget I can afford to pay for the van and have one weekend away at the moment.....or if we really cut back and plan our menus for the van and do some careful shopping maybe even 2! Any extra trips while we are down there (theres loads of castles I want to visit) will be paid for from my Entertainment budget.

Dh couldnt come down as we was working and instead of just using up stuff from the cupboards/freezer he went shopping - £16.19 to add to this months food budget.

Just did an on-line shop - bit heavy this week as I needs lots of staples like rice and pasta etc - had e-vouchers from previous shops so it came to £56.59 including delivery.

Septembers houskeeping - £129.01


  1. Glad you had a lovely break Linda. DHs have a way of busting budgets!

  2. Sounds like you had a great time.

    X x

  3. Hello! You mentioned castles - would they come under this? I noticed this advertised on the train yesterday - - free days where you can get into Scottish buildings for nothing :o)

  4. Sorry - just read the website a bit more and it was a promotion for September only :o(
    False hopes all round, as I was hoping to take advantage of these free days!