Tuesday, 13 September 2011

History school trip - more outgoings!

Does it never end! lol - dh is going for a history trip with the school tomorrow to Beamish - so that was £18 and she'll need a packed lunch. I hate packed lunches on trips - she doestn mind eating Smart price stuff in the house but has to have "names" for her lunch which I suppose is fair enough (teenager.....) and anything homemade is a complete no-no!


  1. trade secret.............they can't charge you, they can only ask for a donation, you don't have to pay

  2. On the positive side, she eats smart price stuff 99.9% of the time. As you say fair enough!

    Hope you sort it out soon.

    We have a couple of frugal trips in my year: £2 for a local museum is this terms!


    Sft x