Monday, 19 September 2011

Weird tea and cheap meals

My cupboards are empty until I get my on-line shopping tomorrow so tea was wee bitty challenging!!!

We had.....2 small lamb kebabs each (last of my meat bargains - reduced down to 20p), a tin of new potaotes fried (20p) and a packet of lemon and coriander cous cous (40p)

I tried to bulk it out by making a pud - had a tin of rhubarb lurking so used that with a crumble mix on top.....never thought but should have drained the rhubarb so it was a bit soggy but filled a hole!

The price of food is really going up all the time - dh fancied a Frey Bentos steak pie (the round ones in the tins - we call them landmines!) The last time we bought them they were £1 and we eat 2 of them for a meal - they are now up to £2 each! I refuse to pay £4 for a meal so it will be 1 between the 3 of us and loads of mashed potatoes and veg....

Same with Swankies fish - its the only fish in breadcrumbs dh and dd will eat - 2 pieces for £2 - usually I buy 2 packs and dh has 2 bits but he's going to have to start and only have 1 - and I will put the spare one back in the freezer to use when we get it again, I think £4 is far too much.

I must admit I try to work on £1 per portion per main meal (less if I can manage it) - this includes anything accompanying it (ie pots, veg etc) so £3 for the three of us but am finding this really difficult.

Am making lasagne this week - by adding grated carrot and a handful of oats I can get not only the lasagne but can freeze a portion for the next weeks Spag bolog.

Am giving Asda smart price frozen chicken breasts a go this week. We are having stir fry and chicken/broccoli pasta. I dont know how many portions are in the bag but its £3.99 per kilo which was the cheapest I could find. Bit dubious about this as I once bought frozen chicken breast from Iceland and they were only 85% chicken - the rest was water!!!!!!!

Im quite glad its getting the colder weather as stews and soups are much cheaper than summer meals!


  1. Things are going up, aren't they? You might like to try chicken thighs for stir fry as the meat is juicier and generally cheaper. You have to skin and bone them, of course, but you could make stock or freeze them for making stock later.

  2. I have used those chicken breasts for years - I wrap them in parma ham from lidl and spray them with fry-light oil and cook them straight from frozen in the oven at 200 degrees for about 40mins - they are lovely

  3. As a student I would always be laughed at by my housemates for eating strange combinations of food. I think that as long as you're getting everything you need from a meal, who cares what it looks like?!

    As for chicken, I used to buy (now a vegetarian) the chicken thigh pieces. They are so much cheaper than breasts (although the Smart Price breasts might be cheaper still - not too sure). The cut's a bit less visually appealing but if you're making something like a salad or casserole (anything where you cut the meat up) then it's a great option! :)

  4. i always add some rinsed red lentils to my bolognaise (and other sauces) to add bulk, goodness and make it last much longer! I agree with Attila - chicken thighs are good for stir-frys and turkey is a cheaper alternative too.