Saturday, 2 January 2010

Back to meal planning

Well I have braved the sleet to go out to our shed where the big freezer is kept and made an inventory - have come up with 7 meals without having to go major shopping this week - however, I need fresh veg so that will be a small spend this week.

Normally I have been budgeting £300 per month for 2 "traditionally built" adults and a bottomless pit of a teenage dd. This is quite a lot but I find if I have nice things to eat then we dont feel deprived and go out for meals. My target this month is £250 and I eventually want to get down to £200 - this would mean I could be putting £100 in my holiday fund every month. OH is a definite meat eater but he has to go into hospital on the 12th for an operation for reflux and cant eat solid food for 4 weeks so that will slice the food bill considerably! I will have to get my thinking cap on for nice creamy soups.

Lunches all week tend to be sandwiches, left overs, baked pots, ravioli, beans on toast etc.

So tonights main meal is...

Sausage and leek bake (using frozen chipolatas and a mix I found nearly out of date)
Turnip & Cabbage
H/M Chocolate mousse (my dd was supposed to make this as an Xmas pud but ran out of time so shes going to make it today)

January grocery spend - £4.74

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