Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Trying not to spend.....

but I just cant!!!!

Planned a cheap day (Tuesdays is going out day with dd) - so decided on movies - she is disabled so she has a cinema card where you can get a carer in free so it only costs £5.60 for us both. Also I had £4.10 left on my Vue card I got as a Xmas present from my son and his girlfriend to make it cheaper. Went to Boots first and got a meal deal each which I paid for with luncheon vouchers I get from the internet for doing surveys (long story but I save them up all year and usually use them in Asda at Xmas but this year they wouldn't scan! - worked ok in Boots though....) Arrived at the cinema and decided to see Sherlock Holmes - the Vue card wouldn't work! so rather than miss the beginning of the film we paid and will use it next time....thoroughly enjoyed the film too.

Before we actually got to the pictures we had to pass the Body shop - I got some lovely stuff at Xmas and wanted to get the shower gel to go with it (well, look at the price of it anyway!!!) It was £6 for the shower gel but they had a couple of gift sets left in the sale with the same size shower gel, body butter, body scrub, soap and a sponge - for only £8 - I couldn't resist!

The only other thing I bought was Aveeno cream in Boots (totally a need as my youngest dd has really bad eczema and finds this really good) and thats was on offer so pleased with that (unfortunately there was only 1 tube left or I would have bought more) - added £3.32 to next months grocery bill....

And I had to pop in to Tesco to get more vegetables (Oh is still on restricted diet but can now eat veg) and spent £12.74 (included stuff for my packed lunches at work) - that will have to come off Febs grocery total!!!!!

Then I joined an Aqua-fit class tonight - cost £4.20 - I am entitled to a Leisure pass card with gives me a concession price of £2.90 so have filled it in and will hand it in next week (we are on Working Tax Credit as I only work part-time)

So I am now well over my £50 budget and am having to take it off next months!!!!!!!!!!

I am really glad I am doing this blog as it really keeps a track on where my money goes. And on a good note, I have now got £40.03 to spend in Boots vouchers - this has taken me 2 years so guess where this years Xmas pressies will be bought from! lol

Jan grocery spend - £248 (and £16.04 to come off Febs!)
Holiday fund - £50
My allowance - £50.00 (and £15 to come off Febs!)
Household spend - £92.64

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