Sunday, 3 January 2010

Cooking and freezing

Well yesterdays meal was really good - never use one of those mixes before (this one was Leek and Mustard) but will use it again. The rostis took forever to prepare - there was 6 left over so I cooked them and put them in greaseproof paper and into the freezer. Will heat them up in the Remoska the next time. Will definitely make them again but next time do a whole batch and just freeze them for when we need them (and will drag out my Magimix to grate them as it took ages to do by hand!)

The chocolate mousse - despite beating the egg whites for over 30 minutes (my dd was exhausted!) they simply wouldnt whip - dont know if it was the eggs or if there was any yolk in them or what - in the end she gave up, whipped up cream and put the melted chocolate straight into that - it was yum!

So now I have a jug with 4 eggs and sugar in sitting in the fridge. So today I am going to batch cook a whole lot of pancakes (adding 1 cup of flour and 1 cup of milk per egg) and do the same thing with greaseproof paper and freeze them for when we want them (one of our favourite breakies - with maple syrup and bacon......)

So hopefully another no spend day today!

January grocery spend - £4.74

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