Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Make do and mend (and crafts!)

I have been a busy bee today - took down all my Christmas decorations and re-cycled the cards (blank bits for shopping lists and made some gift tags for next year) I acquired a laminator from my mum (who never used it) and made 3 lovely book marks from a card sent by a pal (thanks Jackie!) - I will upload a picture when I can figure it out.

I am going back to work tomorrow and am taking home made soup in a flask - had problems with this as the flask kept falling over in my bag so I have taken one of my cotton re-useable bags and simply sewed about a third into the bag making a pocket for the flask to stand up in!

I also found a bath sheet with a huge hole in the middle (no idea what happened but there was quite a bit missing!) so made 2 hair turbies (the ones to wrap around your head to dry your hair) - all I need it a small piece of elastic to secure them.

Have had my sewing machine for quite a few months now but as I had a really bad back I havent been able to use it. All I have done so far is to sew up some fleece to make inner curtains for my sitting room, some re-useable bags made out of an old IKEA duvet, christmas gift bags and some other bits and pieces so it was nice to use it again. With my Christmas money I bought Sew by Cath Kidson which has all the pieces for a wee bag to sew so that will be my next project.

Tea tonight is chunky lentil soup (found some lovely h/m stock in the freezer from the last time I had a smoked hough) followed by summer fruits (another bottom of the freezer find) and I will make a crumble mix to go over it and use up the last pot of cream.

So another no spend day!

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